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Holmedale Health, The Consulting Rooms, 34 Denmark Road, Exeter EX1 1SE
services Specialist advice and treatment
for hair and scalp conditions
With any hair or scalp-related complaint, we start with an initial consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your medical history, diet and lifestyle; to identify underlying factors that may be causing the problem. We aim to ascertain your expectations, and suitability for treatment.
Your initial consultation also includes a thorough examination of your hair and scalp. If appropriate, we may take samples of your hair for microscopy, for a more accurate diagnosis.
Blood Tests
On occasion, it might be necessary to carry out a blood test, to rule out dietary or metabolic imbalances. This may involve liaising with other medical / healthcare practitioners.
Your treatment depends on your diagnosis. We will then discuss your possible treatment options for you to consider, these may include one or more of the following:
• Medicated products – Your hair or scalp condition might require a specially formulated trichological cream or shampoo; for use at the clinic or at home. These can be purchased from us, or we may refer you to your GP or pharmacist.
• Supplements – If dietary deficiency is the cause of your condition, supplements may be recommended.
• Clinical treatments – Some conditions may benefit from clinical treatments, such as steam therapy, infra-red and ultra-violet light therapy. Head massage may also be recommended.
Our Ethos
We adhere to a strict code of ethical practice, and offer advice and support at every stage of your treatment. If required, we’ll also liaise with other healthcare practitioners to ensure you receive the care and attention that you need.

All our treatments are individually prescribed, and we work collaboratively with you to establish the right course of action. Full email support is included up to three months after your initial consultation, and we recommend a follow-up consultation after six months / one year to assess your response to the treatment.

Living with Hair Loss
In addition to diagnosing and treating hair loss, we also offer help and guidance on using cosmetic hair or scalp concealers, and can recommend where to source a hair replacement system, hair restoration or transplant surgery.

Nicola is available for consultations in Exeter.

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Nicola Hemsley MIT
Holmedale Health
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