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hair loss advice and treatment
Nicola Hemsley MIT
Advice and treatment for hair and scalp conditions
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Hair loss in women
Hair loss and hair thinning in women may present as increased shedding through to patchy loss. Whether hair loss has a genetic cause or an alternative basis, there are some recognised treatments and solutions available. These may help prevent and / or limit hair loss, in addition to improving your hair’s overall appearance. In order to treat hair loss effectively it is recommended that you seek the advice of a certified trichologist.
Hair Loss in Men
For many men, losing their hair is considered to be part of the ageing process (androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness ). There are many medical and non-medical treatment options available to slow the rate of hair loss or camouflage your hair loss. At Exeter Trichology I will discuss with you the options available for you.
Not all men's hair loss has a genetic cause and this is why it is important to secure an early diagnosis.
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