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22nd July 2015

There is much controversy and skepticism regarding hair loss treatments and many people spend hours trawling the internet for various hair loss cures without firstly establishing a diagnosis. While female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is the most common cause of hair loss in women, other causes are possible or there may be multiple causes.

Treatment needs to address every contributing factor and tailored to the individual, including the cause, age, life style and ultimately cost.

A number of people are lucky and may stumble on the correct treatment whilst others may stop because they get frustrated with the slow results or simply become disillusioned, or they have unrealistic expectations.

If you want to address your hair loss issues you firstly need a correct diagnosis, support from someone who you can trust and ultimately dedication and commitment to follow a long term treatment programme. Don’t procrastinate, seek advice and don’t put off starting treatments. Hair loss treatments are more effective if commenced within the first five years of onset. Give treatments long enough to work, usually six to twelve months. It can be hard to tell if a treatment is working or not; take photographs or go for follow -up appointments. If a treatment stops working, reassess: have there been any changes in your health or circumstances? Not all hair loss treatments work for everyone.

These are photos taken by the patient to address her hair loss. She was diagnosed with FPHL, they may not be the usual like for like photos, they are not enhanced and the final photo was taken in preparation for her wedding, she reports 3” of new hair growth. no extensions, no concealers or hair fibres, just a lightly back combed fringe.

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