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Seasonal Hair Loss

Seasonal Hair Loss













For many women autumn brings with it an increase in hair fall, leading to the hypothesis that seasonal changes do affect human hair growth.

Normal hair growth

The hair growth rate varies slightly for everyone, most people experience a growth rate of around 1.25cm a month. The hair growth cycle consists of three distinct stages. The first phase, known as the anagen phase occurs when your hair is actively growing, lasting from anywhere from two to seven years.

The second phase, the catagen phase, lasts for two to four weeks when the hair follicle shrinks and stops producing pigment.

In the following phase, the hair follicle enters telogen, a resting phase that lasts three to four months until the hair is shed and the growth cycle begins again. Around 10% of a person’s hair is in telogen at any one time and the average human sheds roughly between 50-100 hairs every day.

Research suggests that women have a greater than normal number of hairs in the telogen phase during the month of July leading to a greater number of hairs shedding approximately 3-4 months later in October – November. The reasons behind this are not clear and it has been suggested that women have increased hair growth in the summer months to protect their scalps from the hot sun and ultraviolet radiation. This type of seasonal hair loss is temporary and should last no longer than four to six weeks, it does not affect all women and for many it goes unnoticed.

Seasonal hair loss is not just restricted to the autumn and some women report an increase in hair loss in the Spring, March – April, although this is often not as noticeable as the loss experienced in the autumn. Seasonal hair loss is perfectly normally but if you become concerned about the amount, duration or pattern of hair loss it may be an indication that there is an underlying problem and you should seek further advice. 

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